Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Phreebies coming up a bit later tonight.

Once again I am going to do two today for missing yesterday, during which I got to spend the majority of my evening and night in the hospital. I have another cool paper pack and some elements, not sure which yet though. I have to dig out my Photoshop CD and reinstall it so I can get everything ready to post. Unfotunately CS3 is going to have to wait a few weeks since I had to spend what we had saved for that for a bunch of medicines and a follow up at my doctor today. Makes me sad, but I can wait a bit for it. If I wait until next week after I sign up for my classes, one of which is advanced Photoshop I can buy the whole suite with all of those programs for less than $600 by buying the educational version since I'll be using it at school. That is more than 50% off the MSRP. I am still using version 7 now, so I wouldn't qualify for the upgrades, and besides, this new suite has updated versions of several other programs I use. Anyway, check back later for more goodies!

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