Wednesday, February 27, 2008

PNG's of glitter styles,as promised :)

HERE are the png versions of the glitters. They are 6x6 and 300 dpi. Enjoy :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another CU freebie

For your decorating and commercial use pleasure, here is another commercial use OK freebie. Today I have a treat for you Photoshop users. I made these in PSCS3 but they should work in other versions. I don't have a copy of Elements on my PC so I don't know if they will work there too. You can download these styles HERE. This set contains 12 beveled edge glittery styles in 12 colors(the black border in the pic is not in the styles). For anyone dying to use them in other programs, drop me a line in my comments and I will try to save them in a larger format as png's so you could use them overlay style. Once again, these CU items need no acknowledgment!
Also, please read the post below about my blinkie and logo contests. I am also curious as to what kind of kits my readers are dying to have. Give me a cool suggestion, and if I make it and you are the first suggester, the kit will be yours for free.
On another note, how many papers and elements do you think should be in a standard kit? I never know if I've made too much or too little, and would also love to know what your favorite parts are in a kit. Love frames? Paper? wordart? Flowers? It's your turn to say what you want to see more of, and then you can check out my new kits as I put them up at Stone Accents Studio and see what you love and what you miss! Also check out all of the other SAS-y ladies amazing work and check out all of the great freebies on the SAS blog. And don't forget to enter those awesome layouts in the monthly SAS-y princess gallery to get a chance to become a SAS-y princess of the month and get some great stuff, along with a lot of SAS-y love, lol.

***EDIT for PSP users :) I'll have png versions of these up later. Also, I found a great tutorial about converting PS brushes for use in PSP. Check it out here.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

CU OK Overlay Freebie

It's nice to have a full freebie arsenal again, and as long as I keep out of the hospital you should check in frequently because I will be posting a lot :) Also, I plan on getting some new kits up and giving my poor neglected CT some new toys. Todays freebie overlay (which is shown on pink for demonstration purposes only) is CU OK with no acknowledgment necessary. Just have fun with it and leave me some love.
In other news, I am sorely lacking a cool blinkie and a cool logo, so I thought a contest was in order. So, I will pick my fav or each from your entries and the winner for each will receive 3 kits of their choice, past, present or even future for free. I will give the winners each 3 vouchers to be used whenever they wish. So, to enter your creation, either leave me a link to it in the comments for this post, or email me at phreephorm at with "contest - blinkie (or logo, whichever the case may be.)
You can snag today's freebie HERE :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Template/QP/Sampler hybrid freebie

So here is the 1st "hybrid". use it as a qp, or as a template. or just take the pieces apart and you have a sampler from my upcoming kit Mystic Morning. Download HERE and enjoy :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kidneys are no fun.

So kidneys are no fun and seem to want to put a dent not just in my designing life, but in my regular life as well. Many hospital visits recently, and lots of meds and mess. I am starting to feel up to designing more and have 2 new full kits done as well as some CU stuff and some alphas and embellie packs :) I am making a few new template/sampler/QP hybrids to give out as freebies so I can let people know I am still alive (kinda) and that I am not intentionally neglecting everyone :) I actually really miss all of the great people I've met so far through this. OK, about the "hybrid".I started out making some cool templates. They looked kinda boring so i used a sampler from my new kit to decorate it a bit. and then realized that all done up it makes a nice QP too, so voila - my hybrid. I will try to get them up over the weekend and hopefully start getting stuff into the store soon too, if I can keep out of the hospital that is...