Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rustic Christmas Freebie

So, I came to the conclusion that the way this week is going if I didn't put the freebie up today something else would happen and it wouldn't get posted til after Xmas. That wouldn't be good, so here it is :)

This is a big kit, so there are 3 downloads in that folder. We are talking over 110 mbs in this kit! Show me what you do with it if you get a chance!

Long time, No entry....

So, it's been awhile since I have been able to post, and to make up for it I will be posting a big Xmas kit freebie sometime this week. I was going to put it in the store originally, but since I've gotten so far behind decided to give it as a holiday gift instead. This has been a rough December for us. On the 1st we lost our beloved 12. yr old dog Jed. It was pretty sudden, and even though he was old he seemed healthy until that day. We were all sick with colds after that, but I never got better and ended up spending almost a week in the hospital. We thought I was out and done last Thursday, But I had to go back this weekend and it turns out I have pneumonia on top of everything else. We still have all of our Xmas shopping to do and have no tree yet either. I am really quite medicated and still not really capable of functioning and I have a procedure later this week too, so my husband may have to do all of the shopping himself which is frightening considering what he tends to think are "good" gifts for the kids. Yikes! Hopefully I get well enough for us to do all of the family visits we have or the kids will be disappointed. So, check back in the next few days and grab Rustic Christmas. It's full if grungy holiday goodness :)