Sunday, November 11, 2007

New SAS-y lady contest dates...

Taking Thanksgiving into account...
Otherwise we had to worry about a strike...

Friday, November 9, 2007

New SAS-y Ladies Wanted!

Freebie and stuff

This will be a short post today, as my computer is seriously misbehaving, but I wanted to get a freebie up. It seems as either thing 1 or thing 2 (aka the kids) has gotten something on my keyboard causing shift to mysteriously stick and cause all sorts of stuff to pop up when I type, so I am having to write this all on my tablet screen. This is easier said than done, considering I have messy handwriting, and pre-edit it looks like it is recognizing some ancient language instead of English. So, for the freebie, some samples of upcoming stuff to the store. I have been in a glittery mood recently. Now if only my house sparkled as well as my designs. So, glittery stuff is HERE. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Freebie for CT call

HERE is the kit for the CT call. Please send a page made with it, the address of your favorite gallery and a bit about yourself to phreephorm at Or,just grab the kit and enjoy it if you are not interested in a CT spot:)

CT Call

Hi all, due to to the heavy winds from a storm passing off the coast,we had to cancel our party we were holding tonight. Bonfires, forests and heavu winds don't mix well, lol. So, I am getting some computer work done instead of the cleaning I have to do. What a hard decision, lol. At any rate, I have unfortunately lost one of my CT members, and think I could actually use 2 more considering I have a mess of new products that I will be releasing within the next month and a half. So, I am putting together a little kit for anyone interested to make a page with and apply. I have very easy requirements, just several layouts/month, posted in 3 places, and I am very lucky to have such an awesome team, so you would be joining some great women and great scrappers. Every once in a while I may need help making previews or that sort of thing. So, I will be posting the minikit in a bit, along with complete info on the call. Enjoy Digiscrapping Day! Maybe i'll even get around to making a layout :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

SAS-y Princess and some new ideas....

So, we have crowned our 1st SAS-y Princess, and I am pleased to announce that it is one of my CT members Randje, whose layout "Wendy's Whimpers" was a big hit. If you haven't seen it, check it out in the gallery HERE.
Randje won a $20 store gift certificate and the honor of being crowned our 1st princess. The next month's contest has begun, so make sure to post your awesome layouts into the SAS-y Princess section of the gallery so we can check them out. And leave Randje some love on her layout! It is gorgeous, simple, and has beautiful photography.
Thanks to all of our Trick or Treaters who made it such a successful event. Everyone left such great comments that we were inspired to start planning some other great blog events for the month of December. Keep checking the newsletters for more info about our holiday blogging events.
Thanks also for all of the great bday wishes you sent me. I read them all yesterday after getting a nice morning of sleeping in after my evening out. Before we got to go out for my bday I took the kids trick or treating. One of my son's friends had asked to join us, and right before called to ask if we could take his little brother too. So, I found myself as the only adult trying to control 4 kids - 2 11 year olds, a 7 year old & a 6 year old. I must've looked stressed because 3 different people offered me a beer, lol. I declined though, figuring the only thing that could look worse than a woman trying desperately to control 4 kids in the dark would be one drinking as she did so. So I had my beers later in the evening after my husband and I met friends for dinner and drinks. Hope everyone has a good weekend! I have some cleaning to do for a party here tomorrow, and then a visit to the in-laws on Sunday,so I doubt I'll check in again before Monday.