Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heather needs...

So, I've been sick all week, and have worked on lots of freebies that I hope to get up this week. In the meantime, here's my google "Heather needs" list, lol.

1.Heather Needs Men ...Now!(I'm sure my hubby of 11 years would disagree)
2.HEATHER NEEDS NEW BOOBS(Really? Mine are actually huge so smaller would be nice.)
3.Heather needs to start wearing a brassier(I never go without, lol)
2.Congratulated for defending herself from unkindness
3.Two therapists
4.A rest
5.To access information ubiquitously to provide…(huh?)
6.To stick to her career as a country artist(I'm a photographer,is that OK?)
7 To find the right balance between emotions and logic (this would be good...)
8.A family who will commit to her one hundred percent
9.Heather Needs Some BodyGuards (I wasn't aware that I was in so much danger
10.Heather 'needs £10000 a day'(how much is that in US funds?)
11.Heather needs to impress US
12.Heather Needs Gatorade. (I am kinda thirsty, lol)