Friday, April 18, 2008

Running Behind

Hi all, Sorry I missed last week. I have a big freebie planned for you all. I will try to get PS Fri together for you later if I don't end up in the hospital. I am in pain mgmt and today my meds are not working,and I am having horrid stomach cramping. I am waiting for a call from my doc to see what I have to do next. Hopefully my GI can get me in and no hospital, but who knows. I am too young for all of this.

Friday, April 4, 2008

PS Friday Tutorial Part One: Textured Papers

This is going to be a two parter- Part One tonight, and Part two with freebie tomorrow.
| am going to fall asleep writing this as I had bad insomnia last night and haven't slept in close to 40 hours. I am one of those people that require 8 hours a night to function. Ugh!
So, without further ado, textured papers! I have always loved the weave of Bazzill Basics papers, so here is how to make the digi-version :)
Start by making a new document 3600x3600, 300dpi & a transparent background. Fill this with your choice of color. Now, in the menu buttons up top pick "layer" and from the drop down menu select "new fill layer" then choose "pattern", Click on "ok " when the dialogue box pops up. Now select your pattern. For Bazzill style papers choose "Dark Coarse Weave". Now that you have your new layer, go to your layers palette in the bottom right of your screen. Make sure your pattern layer is selected, and in the drop down menu at the top of the palette select "overlay". Your paper will now have that woven texture. Play around with other textures to see what other looks you can create, and stop by tomorrow for more on this topic along with a freebie for more paper making fun.

Working on PS Friday now....

Hi all, wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten and am working on my PS Friday right now. It should be up within the next few hours. Today I will be going over making textured papers and will have an overlay pack as the freebie, so check back in a bit :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cleaning. Ugh.

I don't know about you, but I detest cleaning. Epecially laundry. Probably due to the extent to which our house gets dirty because we live in the woods with 3 dogs and 2 kids. My youngest never met a mud puddle she didn't like and a single laundry load can take over an hour to scrub. forward So the scene this morning... Me, in Safeway, in the cleaning aisle, sniffing cleaning products. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and I will generally spend the extra 50¢ for a product that's scent I prefer. Proctor and Gamble got it right when labeling their "Simple Pleasures" lines. I am a sucker for their lav/vanilla's especially. I don't have time to "Stop and smell the roses". So I settle for not stopping and smelling the detergent instead. So, I am back home with many new scents including a new Dawn apple-pear dish detergent that has a matching air freshener attached. My laundry shelf is packed with great scents, oxyclean, the newest Spray & Wash with Resolve (heavy duty version), a Tide brush, a Downy ball, an old fashioned laundry soap bar and more, and I still never seem to get all of the stains out. Any suggestions? In the meantime I am off to scrub some more. :(