Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trick or Treat

So, I am posting this now because I know things will be too crazy here in the morning. Costumes are not finished yet due to serious kiddie indecision, and I am now shooting a wedding tomorrow too. Everyone should be up and running by 8am EST, so start out at JulieO's blog, reachable by going to Stoneaccentsstudio.com and selecting blog at the top, and join the hunt.
Here is my treat :) Click the bag to get it!
Now, on to the next stop! Click the doorknocker to see what other treats you'll get!

A New SAS-y Lady, Trick-or-Treating & My Bday Sale!

So, this has been a crazy busy week not only for me but for the rest of the SAS team. First on today's list of news is a big welcome to our newest SAS-y lady, Darlene! Go check her out in the store. She has some really cute designs and some great commercial use stuff and it is all available starting today!
So, tomorrow is my big 3-0. I am officially feeling old,lol. In actuality, I am one of the younger ones in our set of friends, although we have only one other married couple in our main circle of friends, and only one other has a child, so with 12 years of marriage and 2 kids under my belt I have always felt old anyways, lol. And 30 is young now, at least it seems that this generation gets started everything much later than my parents' generation did. Having a Halloween bday has always been odd. As a kid it was hard to get away from that theme for birthday parties. Now, we take the kids trick-or-treating and then drop them off for the night with my parents and head back out to the Rams Head, a local tavern in downtown Annapolis, where we meet up with all of our friends to celebrate my birthday. This will be our 10th year doing this, and conveniently we don't really have to set plans, our friends just know by now to meet us there around 9pm. We grab tables out on their back patio which has a bunch of heaters and enjoy dinner, drinks and conversation. I always order pretty much the same thing too. I get a beer that is about $10/bottle (yes, that much is nuts but it is soooo good!) and get a grilled chicken sandwich with crab dip on it for dinner. I live in Maryland, so it's all about the crabs.
Tomorrow at SAS I will be having a 30% off sale in honor of my 30th. The sale is on my whole store, and I just added 2 new products, By The Sea Glitter Doodles, and Commercial Use Overlays Set 1, which has 3 brick textures and 2 wood shingle ones all taken from photographs I've shot.
We also have our Trick or Treating set up for tomorrow. I have been busily setting it up. It will start at Julie's blog which you can get to by going to the front page of the store and clicking "Blog" from the middle of the list at the top. You can then grab your treat bag and click on the doorknocker which will take you to the next treat! You won't miss the doorknockers, they are all decked out in cute Halloween embellies from Digitreats Halloween kit. Both her kit and TerrellS' kits were a pleasure to work with in making the trick or treat supplies. Check them out in the store, they are both awesome. There are some really good treats going into these goodie bags. I know there will even be commercial use items in some, so make sure you make the whole circuit and fill up your treat bag. There is sure to be more Snickers than boring lollipops when it comes to the quality of these goodie bags!
Well, I have costumes to finish and some last minute details for tomorrow's trick or treat to go take care of, so see everyone tomorrow when the door-to-door dash is on! - Heather

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ugh. Dumb Blog!

OK, why is my whole blog always all of center, and why did my links on the sidebar disappear. My preview below is cut off :( and I can't get my sidebar to the other side. And my header is all weird. HELP! :) Tips and Tricks needed!

Halloween Fun at SAS...

So, we are planning some fun over at SAS for Halloween, and I have been busy coordinating it. Halloween is also my birthday so it's always been a bog holiday around my house. I want to put my blog in "costume" for the day, but haven't decided what it should be yet. For my birthday I will be running a 30% off sale on my whole store, and there will be details on that in this weeks newsletter. If you don't get it yet you should definitely sign up for it. There is some pretty cool stuff in there, and there is always freebies to be found. There will be one from me in there this week along with some others, but you have to look hard to find them ;) You wouldn't think we'd make it too easy would you? Hide and Seek is always more fun when played with freebies than it is when playing with a kid who hides in plain sight and giggles and talks to you while you pretend you can't find them, lol. Anyway, speaking of fun and freebies, I just finished making the announcement for what us SAS-y ladies are doing to celebrate, so here it is. I am pretty excited about it so you will probably hear a lot more about it from me before the day actually comes. I'm like a little kid anyway, and when it comes to planning this I am having a ball and my fellow designers are playing along (although possibly rolling their eyes at me as they do, lol). So, without further ado, at least for this post...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yay! My laptop is home :)

I finally got my laptop back, complete with a new battery, ac adaptor, and motherboard. My baby has finally returned. I should be posting a freebie this weekend, and my CT will all have parts to give too. I meant to finish it by today, but got to do more hospital time on Wednesday. There are some cool new challenges as SAS, and also we have plans for some Halloween fun. Halloween is my 30th birthday, so I will be having a 30% off sale that day, and will have some cool new products up before then. Our newest SAS megakit will be debuting soon, and let me tell you, since I've seen previews of everyone's work, it is absolutely beautiful. I love store megakits because they have each designer's personality and design style in them, giving you supplies to make any type of layout.
I got lucky for this weekend, my parents headed out to a lighthouses of New Jersey tour, they did the Maryland one last month, and since the kids had off school today for a teacher workday my parents decided to take the kids. A kid-free weekend. I am ready for it! Sleeping in, no middle of the night kitchen raiders (my 6 yr old from time to time helps herself to snacks of every variety in middle of the night, generally waking me by the noise she is making), and no SpongeBob. Now, from time to time I can enjoy an episode, but somehow it seems that every time they turn on the TV SpongeBob is on and it always seems to be the ones I've seen a gazillion times. I can even quote some of them from start to finish now!
Next weekend we actually get another kid-free weekend...amazing, huh? My husband and I are heading to Assateague Island to go camping with friends. If you have ever been there, or have read the book Misty of Chincoteague, you know that the island is inhabited by wild ponies who do a famous swim from one island to the other each year. Now these ponies are not afraid of humans, but they are wild and can bite. Last February my husband and I went there and while we were stopped on the side of the road taping a group of them one ran up out of nowhere and stuck it's whole head in the car right in my husbands face. It was hilarious. I may have to post the video. And we had just finished reading the sign about how they can bite badly. The video is priceless, and my husband was trying to roll up the window but there was a big pony head all the way in right in front of the steering wheel. This time we'll be camping with them. Hopefully none join us in our tent, lol.
Well, I've better get back to what I am designing. I am in middle of using Painter to watercolor and chalk in fabric I scanned in for batik, tye-dye and other styles of painted fabric backgrounds. I'll try to get a sample of them up this weekend too. Have a good weekend, and I should be back with a freebie, so stop back by!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Check my CT's blogs for a freebie this weekend!

I am finally stopping procrastinating and am taking taking my laptop in for repair. I wanted to make sure you all got a weekend goodie though, so I have asked my awesome CT to post some quickpages made with my kits or a goodie bag that I put together. There is only one goodie bag, so if my whole CT posts it it will be the same one in each place. You should check out all of their blogs though because aside from the fact that they may have some QP's up, a lot of them are quite talented at designing themselves and they often have great freebies on their blogs. My CT is:

Maria - http://scrapmuss.blogspot.com/
Nicole - http://scrapalongwithme.blogspot.com/
Erika - http://ppbits.blogspot.com/
Miranda -http://scraprandje.blogspot.com/
Kelly - http://blog.deloria.name/

Check them out, they are a great group! - Heather

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Depot Blues, lol

I got to spend much of my weekend at Home Depot staring at plumbing parts and water heaters. The good part is that we will finally have hot water again. the bad part is that for some reason my husband feels that I need to go with him while he spends hours trying to figure out what parts we need. Every suggestion I made was greeted with a bit of exasperation and a "no". So then I start getting frustrated. Why am I even there? Apparently my husband needs to bounce his ideas against someone, but doesn't need an actual answer. Why do men do that? I did however get to stroll the paint and tile aisles and get some great color and texture inspiration. But I can never admit this to hubby or he will permanantly use it as an excuse for every Home Depot invitation that I decline. I think one of the kids should have to go. Aside from being cute and sweet they can show me other reaons of wht they are useful, lol. Kids make great excuses for getting out of going places you don't want to go. Check back tomorrow for a freebie born out of the Home Depot inspiration. I have to go print out the layouts I made for an album for my dad. It's his birthday today :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another new product and a Freebie :)

I am on a roll with managing to blog and get designing done. I made a new product today, Super Stars. It is 50 different stars with all sorts of different styles and finishes. It was fun to make because I kept exploring all of my layer styles that I have downloaded and got to use a lot for the 1st time. While I was at it I decided to make some more of them to give out as a freebie so you can see the variety in the stars. There is something in the set that will fit pretty much any layout. I hope you enjoy playing with the sample :)


Monday, October 1, 2007

Are YOU the next SAS-y Princess???

I managed to finish up one of my new kits, Bubblegum Pop, and also uploaded one I made a few weeks ago called If You Build It. They should be in the store as SAS soon. Check out the previews :)
Also everyone should head over to Stone Accents Studio and check out the new section in the forum called SAS-y Princess. Every month a spectacular layout will be chosen and the creator of it will be crowned SAS-y Princess of the month. Rules are pretty simple, you can see them in the forum, the main one being that the layout is made from things sold in the SAS shop. The absolute BEST part is that each month the scrapper named SAS-y Princess wins $20 store gift certificate. That is an awesome prize just for being creative and showing us your SAS-iest layouts! We also have a lot of great challenges going with beautiful posting bonuses.
It is such a great group over there. So, if you have not yet signed up at SAS and you join the forums this week, leave me a comment here and I will PM you a little treat through your SAS message box. Even without getting the goodie it's worth joining us because we have a lot of fun, but I just thought I'd make it SAS-ier for newcomers. This offer holds up through October 15th :)