Friday, October 19, 2007

Yay! My laptop is home :)

I finally got my laptop back, complete with a new battery, ac adaptor, and motherboard. My baby has finally returned. I should be posting a freebie this weekend, and my CT will all have parts to give too. I meant to finish it by today, but got to do more hospital time on Wednesday. There are some cool new challenges as SAS, and also we have plans for some Halloween fun. Halloween is my 30th birthday, so I will be having a 30% off sale that day, and will have some cool new products up before then. Our newest SAS megakit will be debuting soon, and let me tell you, since I've seen previews of everyone's work, it is absolutely beautiful. I love store megakits because they have each designer's personality and design style in them, giving you supplies to make any type of layout.
I got lucky for this weekend, my parents headed out to a lighthouses of New Jersey tour, they did the Maryland one last month, and since the kids had off school today for a teacher workday my parents decided to take the kids. A kid-free weekend. I am ready for it! Sleeping in, no middle of the night kitchen raiders (my 6 yr old from time to time helps herself to snacks of every variety in middle of the night, generally waking me by the noise she is making), and no SpongeBob. Now, from time to time I can enjoy an episode, but somehow it seems that every time they turn on the TV SpongeBob is on and it always seems to be the ones I've seen a gazillion times. I can even quote some of them from start to finish now!
Next weekend we actually get another kid-free weekend...amazing, huh? My husband and I are heading to Assateague Island to go camping with friends. If you have ever been there, or have read the book Misty of Chincoteague, you know that the island is inhabited by wild ponies who do a famous swim from one island to the other each year. Now these ponies are not afraid of humans, but they are wild and can bite. Last February my husband and I went there and while we were stopped on the side of the road taping a group of them one ran up out of nowhere and stuck it's whole head in the car right in my husbands face. It was hilarious. I may have to post the video. And we had just finished reading the sign about how they can bite badly. The video is priceless, and my husband was trying to roll up the window but there was a big pony head all the way in right in front of the steering wheel. This time we'll be camping with them. Hopefully none join us in our tent, lol.
Well, I've better get back to what I am designing. I am in middle of using Painter to watercolor and chalk in fabric I scanned in for batik, tye-dye and other styles of painted fabric backgrounds. I'll try to get a sample of them up this weekend too. Have a good weekend, and I should be back with a freebie, so stop back by!


Nicole said...

Glad to see you back!

M u s s said...

So glad you have your laptop back! :)

I wish I had a weekend without kids... LOL


Randje said...

Well not quite without children of course - your husband is still at home (I don't know about yours of course, but mine can be a big child).

I can certainly relate to the weekend without Spongebob. With Wendy, it is a girl band named K3. When we get in the car, she already makes it quite clear she wants to hear one specific song, and this one song should be repeated over and over again. O well, if I look in the rear view mirror and see her smile...

Glad to see you back online