Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random Freebie

Out of boredom and me making styles I have a random freebie to share HERE.

Wow- I scrapped!

Font: FG Jayne Print
Template: Pam Bumbaca
Supplies: Mine From PB+J

Why Yes I am...

I was just in line in Wawa (like a 7-11) when I heard a little voice by me say " Mom, are you crazy?" and in my typical form I replied "Yes I am, and you made me this way." It wasn't until I got a dirty look from the woman in front of me that I realized my kids weren't with me. Her and her kid left before I could explain.

Friday, March 28, 2008

1st ever PS Friday w/ freebie!

Wow, it has been a busy week and I look forward to the weekend! Yesterday I had kidney/bladder surgery and today my 6yr old had 3 cavities filled. She had been dumping out water bottles, filling them with sugary drinks and hiding them under her bed. I'm sure the dentist's drill taught her a way better lesson than I could've. I nearly cried though,watching her sob throughout.
So, to start out, HERE are the brushes. I also included pngs for non-PS users.
Making brushes is so easy and can accent your layouts perfectly. By making a selection of anything-pictures,papers,etc. you can have custom "stamps". In PS, make a selection of ONLY what you want to be in your brush. Then, in the "edit" menu select "Define Brush Preset",then give it a name. Your new brush will now be in your brushes palette ready to use. A great idea for brushes is to select something from the pic you are scrapping like an image off of the subject's clothes or something to that effect, and then make it into a brush for background paper, embellishments, etc. that are custom to your layout. To save your brushes, Select the arrow next to three lines in the top corner of the brushes palette and select Save brushes from the drop down menu.
Next week I'll go for something more in depth, the surgery threw me off for today. Let me know if you have any questions, and also, you may use today's freebie commercially as well. Enjoy your weekend :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter CU OK "Grab Egg" freebie!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday. My kids are all hyped up on sugar right now. It took forever to get this pic out of them. I have a big treat for you today, over 75mb of CU OK supplies, including PS brushes and styles, and the matching pngs for those who don't use Photoshop. There is also some other stuff thrown in, all CU OK, with no credit necessary. Just click on the egg above to get your treats! It will take you to the folder where I have split up the download so it is manageable for slower internet speeds. And, while you are clicking it, check out the egg! It was made by TerrellS and is part of her Egg Bling set. So cute!
Also, I am starting something new here on my blog. I will now have Photoshop Fridays where there will be PS use freebies and the accompanying PNG's so everyone can enjoy. Stop by this Friday and check out what the first freebie will be!
I now have to go make our dinner, luckily it is most of the way ready. For once we don't have to go anywhere this year and that suits me just fine :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Madness Freebie Kit

I made this kit just for fun. The inspiration behind it is March coming in like a lion and out like a lamb. I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to see anything you make with it. If you leave me a link to your layout in the comments along with your email, or put it in my section of the SAS gallery I will send you a little treat for sharing. The kit is divided into 2 downloads, and the link goes to the folder where you can find both downloads. You can reach that folder HERE. Also, check out some of the other SAS designer blogs where you will find more goodies!

Monday, March 17, 2008

New kits, A Layout and a freebie below

New Kits In Store, Quick Page Freebie

So, I have 2 new kits going into the store this week, PB&J and Perfect Pets. My inspiration for the pets kit is Tennessee Jed, my 12 year old dog who passed away last December. He really was like our first child and losing him hit us hard. I made a layout to share of him, and decided to make the layout into a png quickpage, which you can get HERE. I also have a bunch of other kits that need to be organized, previews made and submitted to the store. With all of the kit activity I will be giving away some add-ons this week and some more QP's to go with the other kits. I also have another CU freebie planned for this week, but you'll have to wait to see what it is. I may make it into a grab bag since there are several CU things I have to share. It'll still be a freebie, you just won't know what you are getting.
I am trying to get as much done this week as possible. Next week is crazy busy with doctors again, and I am getting a procedure done on my bladder/kidney that Thursday, and then Friday I get to go practically sit on my 6yr old in the dentist's chair while she gets 3 cavities filled. Poor K has not had cavities before, and now she gets 3 at once. I have only ad 1 in my life, and it didn't even need drilling. I had them put sealants on the teeth they could when I took her last month, and will have the rest done too. I think having sealants may be what kept me from getting cavities. That, good hygiene, and luck. My mom is going to go with me because I am envisioning a catastrophy - me having had surgery the day before and K being freaked out by dentists She kept getting up and leaving the chair DURING her cleaning With the instruments in her mouth and everything, lol. One of those kid things that is funny now but definitely not when it was happening.
So, have a good Monday, enjoy the QP and check back this week for more goodies!

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Comm Use OK Freebie - PS Brush set

Here is a set of 6 brushes made in PSCS3. It is 3 different flowers done in inverted saturation so you can pick the saturation that works best for your color. These brushes are Comm Use OK with no credit necessary. I haven't gotten around to making .png's yet, but will try to do that for you non PS users. Hope you find a good use for them now that Spring is around the corner :)