Monday, March 17, 2008

New Kits In Store, Quick Page Freebie

So, I have 2 new kits going into the store this week, PB&J and Perfect Pets. My inspiration for the pets kit is Tennessee Jed, my 12 year old dog who passed away last December. He really was like our first child and losing him hit us hard. I made a layout to share of him, and decided to make the layout into a png quickpage, which you can get HERE. I also have a bunch of other kits that need to be organized, previews made and submitted to the store. With all of the kit activity I will be giving away some add-ons this week and some more QP's to go with the other kits. I also have another CU freebie planned for this week, but you'll have to wait to see what it is. I may make it into a grab bag since there are several CU things I have to share. It'll still be a freebie, you just won't know what you are getting.
I am trying to get as much done this week as possible. Next week is crazy busy with doctors again, and I am getting a procedure done on my bladder/kidney that Thursday, and then Friday I get to go practically sit on my 6yr old in the dentist's chair while she gets 3 cavities filled. Poor K has not had cavities before, and now she gets 3 at once. I have only ad 1 in my life, and it didn't even need drilling. I had them put sealants on the teeth they could when I took her last month, and will have the rest done too. I think having sealants may be what kept me from getting cavities. That, good hygiene, and luck. My mom is going to go with me because I am envisioning a catastrophy - me having had surgery the day before and K being freaked out by dentists She kept getting up and leaving the chair DURING her cleaning With the instruments in her mouth and everything, lol. One of those kid things that is funny now but definitely not when it was happening.
So, have a good Monday, enjoy the QP and check back this week for more goodies!

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