Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A New SAS-y Lady, Trick-or-Treating & My Bday Sale!

So, this has been a crazy busy week not only for me but for the rest of the SAS team. First on today's list of news is a big welcome to our newest SAS-y lady, Darlene! Go check her out in the store. She has some really cute designs and some great commercial use stuff and it is all available starting today!
So, tomorrow is my big 3-0. I am officially feeling old,lol. In actuality, I am one of the younger ones in our set of friends, although we have only one other married couple in our main circle of friends, and only one other has a child, so with 12 years of marriage and 2 kids under my belt I have always felt old anyways, lol. And 30 is young now, at least it seems that this generation gets started everything much later than my parents' generation did. Having a Halloween bday has always been odd. As a kid it was hard to get away from that theme for birthday parties. Now, we take the kids trick-or-treating and then drop them off for the night with my parents and head back out to the Rams Head, a local tavern in downtown Annapolis, where we meet up with all of our friends to celebrate my birthday. This will be our 10th year doing this, and conveniently we don't really have to set plans, our friends just know by now to meet us there around 9pm. We grab tables out on their back patio which has a bunch of heaters and enjoy dinner, drinks and conversation. I always order pretty much the same thing too. I get a beer that is about $10/bottle (yes, that much is nuts but it is soooo good!) and get a grilled chicken sandwich with crab dip on it for dinner. I live in Maryland, so it's all about the crabs.
Tomorrow at SAS I will be having a 30% off sale in honor of my 30th. The sale is on my whole store, and I just added 2 new products, By The Sea Glitter Doodles, and Commercial Use Overlays Set 1, which has 3 brick textures and 2 wood shingle ones all taken from photographs I've shot.
We also have our Trick or Treating set up for tomorrow. I have been busily setting it up. It will start at Julie's blog which you can get to by going to the front page of the store and clicking "Blog" from the middle of the list at the top. You can then grab your treat bag and click on the doorknocker which will take you to the next treat! You won't miss the doorknockers, they are all decked out in cute Halloween embellies from Digitreats Halloween kit. Both her kit and TerrellS' kits were a pleasure to work with in making the trick or treat supplies. Check them out in the store, they are both awesome. There are some really good treats going into these goodie bags. I know there will even be commercial use items in some, so make sure you make the whole circuit and fill up your treat bag. There is sure to be more Snickers than boring lollipops when it comes to the quality of these goodie bags!
Well, I have costumes to finish and some last minute details for tomorrow's trick or treat to go take care of, so see everyone tomorrow when the door-to-door dash is on! - Heather


Nicole said...

Can't wait for the trick-or-treating! It'll be fun to get something besides candy:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jean Ann

Darlene said...

Hi Heather! Just stopping by to say "Happy Birthday" - and have fun with the Trickin'-and-Treatin'!

:) Darlene

Shell said...

Happy birthday! Thanks I think I did the dork thing & left your bday wishes on someone elses blog lol