Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Home Depot Blues, lol

I got to spend much of my weekend at Home Depot staring at plumbing parts and water heaters. The good part is that we will finally have hot water again. the bad part is that for some reason my husband feels that I need to go with him while he spends hours trying to figure out what parts we need. Every suggestion I made was greeted with a bit of exasperation and a "no". So then I start getting frustrated. Why am I even there? Apparently my husband needs to bounce his ideas against someone, but doesn't need an actual answer. Why do men do that? I did however get to stroll the paint and tile aisles and get some great color and texture inspiration. But I can never admit this to hubby or he will permanantly use it as an excuse for every Home Depot invitation that I decline. I think one of the kids should have to go. Aside from being cute and sweet they can show me other reaons of wht they are useful, lol. Kids make great excuses for getting out of going places you don't want to go. Check back tomorrow for a freebie born out of the Home Depot inspiration. I have to go print out the layouts I made for an album for my dad. It's his birthday today :)


M u s s said...
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M u s s said...

me again ))

Heather wrote:
"Why do men do that?"

I hope you will be soooo happy with the hot water! You'll forget your blues! LOL