Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fresh Painted Flower "Phreebie"

So, while I have not managed to plant all of my spring plants, I have had a chance to create some painted flowers based on that same favorite flower picture of mine. Which happens to be one of the flowers still sitting sadly beside the door waiting to be placed in the garden. On Mother's Day my children were going to plant them for me as a surprise, but got through a few pansies before they decided it was a boring task. I usually love to garden, but for some reason (Photoshop perhaps?) I have not gotten in the mood for it this Spring. It's been such an odd Spring here in Maryland also, hot one day, freezing the next, so that too has put a damper on my gardening spirit. At any rate, you can download the flowers here. Just like the ric rac they come in several color sets, but for some reason I only made a preview of 2 sets instead of 3. Who knows? I have been making some cool chalked papers in Corel Painter today, so look for them within the next few days.


Scrapcat4914 said...

WOW Heather!!
For your first freebies these are all totally fantastic!!
I found you thru Selena's freebies list and now have you in my Favorites to check you out everyday!!
Hope your feeling better from the Kindey Stones and infection!
Will put you in my prayers!
If I was you I'd check with someone!
I dont see how they can fire you after all you did have a medical problem, which is a very GOOD reason for your abscent's from work!! Good Luck with it!!

Shell said...

These are so great! Up close the detail is just awesome. Thanks!