Thursday, September 20, 2007

Need a CT that is as nutty as me...

Yup, now that I am feeling quite a bit better and am on a designing roll I need to put together a CT. I have been on a designing roll in the last few days, looking like quite the freak as I sit waiting for my brakes to be fixed or stand waiting for my kids at the bus stop talking to the other moms all while drawing, writing, and scribbling frantically notes in my little notebook of big ideas. I keep finding inspiration, and since I am rather eclectic my kits can be of many different styles so I am seeing ideas everywhere! I now have some items up in the store at Stone Accents Studio, and am running a monthly photography challenge there and will be doing Photoshop tutorials also. So, if anyone has any odd photo questions drop on in the forum and ask away. I have been professionally shooting for about 12 years now, but had my first darkroom when I was 13. I still get nostalgic for the scent of Dektol and Fixer, lol. And it was a great place for a teen to hide away from the parents ("Don't open the door mom, I have paper exposed!") Haha, at least my kids won't pull that on me...what are they going to say - "Careful mom, my USB cable is exposed"? I think not. I actually still have 2 enlargers, and the rest of a full darkroom setup and I keep thinking that one of these days I'll set it all up, break out on of my 2 film Nikons and shoot some B&W, but then I grab my Nikon D100 instead. So, now that I've gotten way off topic, back to the CT thing. I am pretty easy to work with, understand that we all have real lives outside of our digital ones, and that there are times when you can't take something else on. That's why I want a easygoing CT so we can help each other out with stuff when necessary and that a fun hobby (or lifestyle as it seems to have become) stays fun with no crazy pressure. I really want a diverse group. I don't care if you've been doing this for years or are just starting out. I actually think that would help me better see the needs of my customers in the ease of use and fun department. I also gladly take constructive criticism and suggestions for what you (my CT) might want to see in the future. So, don't feel you won't be good enough, or worried that being on the CT will eat up too much time, just let me know if you are interested and I can guarantee it will be a fun experience!

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