Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CT Call

Hi all, I need to get myself a CT together to make some layouts and get the word out about my designs over at SAS. I have a rather eclectic style, meaning my kits can range from victorian stuff to messy/wild stuff. A little bit of everything depending on my mood, lol. Anyway, what I need is a team who wants to play with my designs for free and who is willing to make cool layouts with my new kits and post the layouts to SAS, DST, and at least one other gallery of your choice. Every once in awhile I may need some help making kit previews, but mainly just the layouts. So, if you are interested, please email me at Phreephorm(at) with your name, a bit about yourself, and a link to your favorite gallery with your work. Please, if you are interested don't be shy, apply anyway as I am a pretty new designer and would love to help some of you who are also kinda new and who feel they may not be good enough for a CT. Just like I am different in each of my designs, I would love a diverse CT to show all levels of scrappers what can be done with my designs. Thanks, and hope to hear from some of you :)

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Terrell said...

Just checking in on you sweetie ;) Hope everything is ok ;)