Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've resisted long enough...

So, I've resisted long enough. I've finally broke down and started a blog. Mainly to record all the weird things my kids do and say, and to post my scrapbooking layouts and freebies for digi-scrapping. There may also be a side of knitting, photography or whatever weirdness pops into my head at that time. I guess I'll start off with a Kaeli story. So, we were heading down 665 the other day when Sinead O'Connor came on the radio. I turned it down and told Kaeli how Sinead is from Ireland and how she liked to have a shaved head. Kaeli's response..."So does Britney, but she did it herself." Uhhh, Kaeli is 5. How the hell did she know that? So, I asked her. She got a snooty little tone and replied "Uh, I do watch the news you know." OK then.

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